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Essays and College Essays - Questions you may have

In the past half decade our essay writing service has helped tens of thousands of college students in the U.S. and around the world. Our 24-hour service has met countless deadlines, written custom essays that seemed impossible and helped an infinite amount of students improve their GPA. Our goal is to help you succeed in all your academic endeavors and reach your potential. Let the experts take care of your writing needs and see what a difference we will make.

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We have also answered questions from students who have wanted to order an essay from our service. We understand that a lot of sites in the writing industry don't have phone numbers and are based out of developing countries, for this reason we want to distance ourselves from being this type of service. Below are answers to some of the more popular questions that we have answered throughout the years. Please feel free to contact us and ask your question if you are considering purchasing our service. We'll even walk you through the process.

What is an essay writing service?
An essay writing service provides model custom essays, research papers, term papers and reports on all subjects to help college students write their own essays. Maybe you need help with original research, maybe you want help in producing a fresh perspective on a topic that is vast and complex. Maybe you need help sifting through the research that is available on a particular subject. An is designed to provide you with a completed essay, with a full bibliography, so you can meet your own writing deadlines with the help of a model essay. EVERYONE NEEDS HELP at some time or another. Essay writing services are designed to provide you with personal assistance in writing your own essays and essays.

Why should I use an essay writing service?
There are thousands of reasons for needing an essay writing service. It takes time to write a quality essay, and it takes practice to learn how to produce a proper essay. Maybe you've found yourself bogged down with too much to do and not enough time. Maybe you're not exactly sure HOW to produce a quality essay, maybe you want to see what first-rate research looks like, or maybe you need help with an original perspective on a subject that is complicated. When quality matters, an essay writing service can be a valuable asset in helping you produce a unique view in your own writing.

Where is your business located?
Unlike the vast number of websites on the Internet, we are NOT BASED IN PAKISTAN. Our company is based in North America. We want to make this very clear so everyone knows that they can reach us by dialing . Our office is located in Toronto and our writers are based out of the United States, Canada, U.K and Australia. All of our writers are Native English speakers meaning their first language is English and their experience in this matter will be evident in your essay. We are meticulous about what our writer's produce because we understand that we are only as good as the last essay we write.

How can I trust you when I order a custom essay with my credit card?
As with any site, we always go the extra mile to make sure your best interest is taken care of. Every single site we own has an order form on a secure server with 128-bit encryption, allowing you to have the peace of mind in knowing you can TRUST our service with your credit card information. When ordering on any of our sites, you can rest assured that only we receive your credit card and no one else.

What if my custom essay has a lot of requirements, will you still write it?
At we are ready and willing to write any essay no matter what the requirements. Our experience is vast and rich with the knowledge and background to write on any topic under the sun. Feel free to send us as many requirements as you feel is necessary to write your college essay. We want you to be happy with the model we produce for you which is why are happy to fulfill all of your requirements.

What if I need a specific book used in my essay?
At satisfying all your specifications is what we pride ourselves in. Simply give us the title and the author and we'll include whatever book you need in your essay.

What do you mean by exceptional after sale service? prides itself on servicing our clients with excellence even after you place your order. We provide first class live service when you call to check on the status of your essay. You can even check the status of your essay online by login into our system. If you have a question or concern with your essay and wish to speak to the President of the company, he is available to you right now by . We track our writers' performance and our overall customer satisfaction. We send out surveys and feedback questionnaires so that you have a say on the service you receive. Our customer care center is available to you at any time to answer any of your questions. If you need to request a revision you can do it right through your own control panel when accessing our system - no need to call if you don't want to.

When can I expect to receive my essay?
Your college essay is guaranteed to be completed on time. Just check your email for updates or your mailbox on our system to see if the essay has been delivered. If for some reason you don't receive your essay in your email box just check the system and download a brand new copy of your essay.

Can I track the status of my essay?
Of course you can. has a real-time tracking system that allows you to see the progress of your essay up to the minute. When placing your order you will receive details on how to enter your mailbox on our system to gain access to all these features.

What program do you write your custom essays in?
At Inc. we write all of our custom essays in Microsoft Word. This program has proven to be the most reliable and most popular amongst college students today. Your essay is also sent in text form so rest assured that you will be able to read the essay we have sent to you.

How do I request a revision of my custom essay?
At we do our best to make things easy for our clients. When you receive your essay read through it and if you feel that we haven't addressed a requirement you placed in the order then request a revision. To request a revision, simply click the revision button in your control panel and enter what exactly we did not address. You have up to 3 days from the time we upload your essay to your mailbox to request a free revision.

Who will write my custom essay?
Qualified writers with at least a Master's degree will write your essay. Although the majority of our writers are Phd's they are also native English speakers. This means that their first language is English and are not people who just have a degree and try to write in English although they speak another language at home. We don't hire these writers even though they would work for substantially less than the quality writers we currently work with. Although we do try to charge you the absolute lowest price we can, our focus is to provide you with the absolute best essay we can with individuals we consider qualified. Just because someone has a Phd does not mean that they can write properly. We receive countless resumes from people who like to call themselves writers from developing countries who state they are willing to work for half the price our own writers work for. Unfortunately these people passing themselves off as writers submit resumes filled with spelling mistakes, sentence fragments and much more. Rest assured, with you always get the best quality along with the customer care service you expect for a lowest price we can manage.

Why do other services charge as low as $10 a page for custom essays?
Many of the services that offer these prices are based out of Pakistan and other developing countries. This is also the reason why they don't even have a phone number. Try contacting them by phone when you have a problem with their essay - you can't. We've received many resumes from these "writers" but with each and every one you can tell that their first language is not English in the way they write, this is not a criticism but a fact. We are informing you of this because of the experience we've had. It's your education - don't gamble with it.

How do I attribute credit to your ideas when I write my own essay?
With every essay we send to you we also send information on how to properly attribute credit to our essay.

Where do your prewritten essays come from?
We have a full-time staff of high quality writers and researchers and their only job is to write essays on different topics. Our full-time writers do nothing else but research and write different essays and essays, and our library is always current and up-to-date.

Is it legal to buy an essay from a reputable service like ours?
YES! Our essays are designed to HELP you write your own essay. It is completely legal to buy a completed essay from a research service, whether pre-written or customized. Plagiarism means you sign your name to an essay you haven't written, or take credit for ideas without indicating where those ideas came from. Buying an essay from a research service IS legal, and is often the best way to learn about writing quality essays.

Why are we different from the other essay writing services online?
We focus on each and every customer's satisfaction. We don't see you as the enemy or as a sale. Try us out and you'll see what students rave about after receiving their essay.

Is there a refund policy?
YES! Unlike other essay services, takes pride in providing specialized and guaranteed service. All of our essays are original, and every essay is complete with a fully referenced bibliography. There's MORE! Our custom essay service is fully guaranteed to meet your specifications and be completed by your deadline, or the essay is FREE ... yes FREE ESSAYS!

What is a premium code and how do I get one?
A "premium code" is a set of numbers and letters that equate to a dollar amount or percentage discount of a particular order. There are stipulations of course when redeeming a premium code so please read the stipulations of the premium code. Remember that the more essays you buy the more you receive a premium code.

English is my second language. Can you write an essay that is not too complicated so I can understand it?
At we write every essay to be grammatically sound and proper. The English level is written so any undergraduate student can understand any essay we write. We want you to understand every idea we put in the essay which is why we make it easy to understand.

Is my order confidential?
Every client's order is kept confidential. We don't discuss your essay with anyone else even if they are your friend as this is what client's have always wanted us to do.

Can you write in the MLA, APA or Turabian writing styles?
Of course we can, we will write it in whatever format you request. Just specify the writing style in your requirements.

What will the charge on my credit card appear as?
The charge on your credit card will appear as "" for the amount specified on your order confirmation page.

I need my essay back tomorrow can you still write a model essay?
Of course we can. Our writers are writing essays 24-hours a day and we will write your essay as FAST as you need. Hurry up, what are you waiting for? Place your order right now.


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