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How To Choose A Term Paper Topic
Choosing a term paper topic is an important process Ė it can mean the difference between a passing and failing grade for a course. You must choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to the material, but also one that you will be able to find information on and form into something intelligent and well-researched.
Especially for college papers, teachers expect a high level of planning and organization Ė so donít leave everything until the last minute and hope for the best. A good college term paper takes a lot of hard work. You might be tempted to search for custom term papers online, where you give the company your topic and credit card number, and they write you a customized paper on the topic youíve chosen. This wonít work Ė itís simple to check for plagiarizing with online software, and most sites recycle the same papers even though they tell you otherwise. Your teacher can usually tell the difference between your writing and that of a paid professional, and even if not, itís not worth it to risk your future at college to save a few hours of work. The next time you need to write a term paper youíll be totally unprepared, and probably broke if your solution is to purchase one each assignment! By following a few basic steps while choosing a topic, you can make the writing process much smoother.
1. Choose a relevant topic. Often, a teacher will give you a topic or list of choices for term papers. If not, make sure you choose something from the course material or outline to write about. Make sure you follow the teacherís instructions exactly, and if youíre unsure about something clarify it before you start writing.
2. Choose a thesis. The thesis is the main idea of your paper, followed by the point you are trying to make. Brainstorm until you have the exact phrase that illustrates the overall concept of your paper, and make sure you understand the thesis completely.
3. Research your topic. Find how much material there is online, and in books and periodicals. If you need to do field research Ė surveys, opinions, etc., allow yourself lots of time to gather data. You might find that your paper takes a different direction than you expected, or that you canít find enough information on the topic that youíve chosen. If this happens, go back to step 1!
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