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Title Pages
A "Yes" for Affirmative Action! 5
A Brief Synopsis of Part One of Art Through the Ages by Helen Gardner 3
A Colonial Man of Many Faces: Benjamin Franklin in 18th Century Portraiture. 9.5
A Comparative study of Russian Constructivism and Dutch De Stijl. 5
A Compare and Contrast of Bayeux Tapestry and Joshua Roll 17
A Comparison Analysis of The Ragpicker by Edouard Manet and Portrait of a Peasant by Vincent Van Gogh 3
A Comparison of Donatello's ;David; and Michelangelo's ;David;. 6
A Comparison of Minoan and Mycenaean Art. 7
A Comparison of Two Paintings from the Renaissance Period. 4
A Contextual Analysis of a Late 18th Century Armoire. 6
A Critical Analysis of Fra Filippo Lippi's ;Madonna and Child with Two Angels;. 5
A Critique of the Interaction of Social/Political Change and Artistic Styles in the Early 20th Century. 12
A Cyclical Aesthetic: Futurism, Fascism and Modern Film. 7
A Discussion of Key Issues in Modern Feminist Art History. 14
A Discussion of the History of Japanese Porcelain. 8
A Discussion of the Relationship between Landscape Poetry and Painting in Works by Xie Ling-yun and Fan K'uan. 7
A History of Stain Glass Windows. 8
A Life in Art: The Artistic Achievement of Benvenuto Cellini. 8.5
A Reading of the Life in Art of J.M.W. Turner. 15.5
A Short History of the Dada and Surrealist Movements. 5
A Study of the Amphoras Vase of Exekias with Ajax and Achilles. 5
A Textual and Artistic Analysis of the Daedalus and Icarus Myth. 5
A description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of the painting: Camillus and the Schoolmaster of Falerii by Nicolas Poussin. 6
Abbot Suger and the Aesthetics of Stained Glass 32
Abstract Painting And Sculpture 16
Abstract Painting And Sculpture in the 21st Century. 16
Aesthetic Renaissance and Art 6
Aesthetic and the Renaissance. 6
Alberti's classic "On Painting." 4
Alberto Giacometti and His Sculpture. 6
American Art 6
An Analysis Goya's: Don Pedro, Duque De Osuna with the artist Ingres: 'The Comtesse D'Haussonville. 6
An Analysis Of Introductory Lectures On Aesthetics By George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. 2
An Analysis Of The Kinetic Art Movement. 5
An Analysis Of The Works And Life Of Michelangelo. 3
An Analysis of ;Who's art is it; By Jane Kramer. 3
An Analysis of Alienation in Three Works of Art. 5
An Analysis of American Themes in the Works of Charles Demuth 9
An Analysis of Art in Florence During the Renaissance 4
An Analysis of Cupid Chastised by Bartolomeo Manfredi. 5
An Analysis of Desensitization of Audience in Film. 3
An Analysis of Gustave Caillebotte's Painting Entitled: Paris Street: 4
An Analysis of Love and Suffering in the Works of Auguste Rodin. 4
An Analysis of Place de la Concorde by Piet Mondrian at the Dallas Museum. 4
An Analysis of Salvador Dali's Paintings entitled ;On Paranoiac Critical Town; and ;Slave Market with the Apparition of the Invisible Bust of Voltaire;. 6
An Analysis of Two Paintings by Edgar Degas and Charles Peale. 4
An Analysis of the Athenian Wine Jar (Stamnos). 5
An Analysis of the Italian Travels of Albrecht Durer 3
An Artist Comparison and Analysis of the Virgin and Child by Roger Van Der Wedyn and Virgin and Child by Master of the Strauss Madonna 5
An Artistic Analysis of the Human Condition in the Works: George Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze and Wheat Field with Cypresses by Vincent van Gogh 3
An Artistic Analysis of the Surrealist Movement: Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Renee Magritte 7
An Artistic and Historical Analysis of The Adoration of the Magi and The Primavera by Sandro Botticelli 4
An Examination of Art: Jonathan Lasker. 4
An Open life Frida Kahlo by Raquel Tibol translated by Elinor Randall University of Mexico Press. 7
Analysis of "The Three Graces" by Raphael. 3
Analysis of "Two Sisters" by Renoir 3
Analysis of Art in Florence During the Renaissance. 4
Analysis of Gloucester and Tewkesbury Cathedrals 18
Analytic Comments on Milton Glaser's Speech. 3
Ancient Art. 2
Andre Breton: His Influence Upon Surrealist Art. 9
Angelica Kauffman and English Portraiture 25
Ansel Adams. 3
Art Analysis: Washington Crossing the Delaware. 3
Art And The Internet. 5
Art Deco 3
Art Deco: Art and Influence in a Period of Great Change 8
Art From Marshall McLuhan. 5
Art History Paper.doc 5
Art History: Paleolithic Arts and the Evolution of Culture. 7
Art In The Movie Six Degrees Of Separation. 5
Art Interpretation. 6
Art Is A Piece of History. 8
Art Museum Attendance: A Sociological Vantage Point. 5
Art Of Indonesian Shadow-Puppetry. 7
Art Restoration and Anthropology - the Significance of Glazes and Varnishes. 12
Art and Architecture Questions 5
Art and Architecture in Society: Production and Reproduction in Historical Contexts. 5
Art and Censorship. 6
Art and Culture: An Analysis of the Influence of Marxist Theory and Ideology 12
Art and History. 2
Art and Pop Art. 5
Art in the English Industrial Revolution. 3
Art, Technology, and the Postmodern World: Interacting with infinite possibilities. 3
Artists As Individuals. 3

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