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Title Pages
A Brief Consideration of Some Modern Building Projects and Their Influence on Architecture 4
A Brief Examination of William Butterfield's Life and Achievements. 2
A Discussion Of Late 18th Century French Art and Architecture. 4.5
A Discussion of the Influence of Classical Antiquity upon the Architecture of Andrea Palladio 8
A Secular Temple: The Pantheon in Rome as a Representation of the Contradictions of Roman Imperial Architecture. 8.5
A Summary of "The Architecture Profession." 2
A Temple of Spirit: The Guggenheim Museum. 6
ACC 14
Accountability And Proficiency Testing: Is Standardized Testing A Beneficial Way Of Showing Student Learning. 12
Activity Based Costing. 3
Albert Kahn's Cranbrook House and Charles Voysey's House at Shackleford. 2
An Analysis of Bruno Taut's The Glass Pavilion of 1914 and Antonio Sant'Elia's Citta Nuova of 1914. 5
An Analysis of the Michelangelo's Ceiling Frescos in the Sistine Chapel 4
An Architectural Analysis of Umayyad Palaces in the 7th and 8th Centuries A.D. 12
An Architectural Analysis of the Great Mosque in Cordoba, Spain. 8
Analysis of Modern Architecture. 4
Andrea Palladio. 8
Antoni Gaudi. 15
Architect: Antoni Gaudi. 15
Architectural Acoustics and Concert Halls. 4
Architectural Strategies of Charles W. Moore. 9
Architecture 3
Architecture and Technology 8
Architecture and Technology. 8
Architecture in India 4
Architecture of Fillipo Brunelleschi and Michelozzo di Bartolommeo in the Italian Renaissance. 3
Architecture: Acoustics and Reflected Sound. 4
Architecture: The Art of Order. 2

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