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Title Pages
;Anthropology:; Analysis ; Review. 8
A Comparison and Contrast of Ancient Jewelry in Egyptian and Byzantine Cultures 8
A Comparison of Aztecs and Romans. 5
A Comparison of Manifestos. 3
A Comparison of Mayan and Aztec Art History. 6
A Comparison of Roman And Greek Gods. 6
A Conceptual Analysis of ;Caucasoid; and ;Aggression; with respect to Michael Bradley's ;Born of Beast;. 8
A Discussion and Semiotic Anthropology Of the Salem Witch Trials. 7
A Fabricated Anthropological Study: The Mitzimee People of the Amazon. 4
A Feminist Analysis of the Goddess Pele in Hawaiian Mythology. 6
A History of the Spiro Mounds of Oklahoma. 8
A Portrait of Visigoth Culture. 3
A Summary Of The Coasean Approach To The Environment. 4
A Thief of Time 3
Addressing the Nature of Complexity in the Hunter- Gatherer Societies. 4
Age Differences in African Foraging Patterns: Developmental or Environmental 8
Ajanta Cave One: Mahajanaka Jata. 3
Alexander the Great 5
Alexander the Great and Art History. 6
An Analysis of Egyptian Civilization. 3
An Analysis of Louis XIV and Absolutism. 4
An Analysis of Muslim Dress Codes. 7
An Analysis of Nisa: The Life and Words of a Kung Woman by Marjorie Shostak. 3
An Analysis of Republican Constitutionalism in Greek, Roman, English, and Aristotelian Exercise of Political Power. 5
An Analysis of Stonehenge. 5
An Analysis of The Hold Life Has: Coca and Cultural Identity in an Andean Community by Catherine J. Allen. 3
An Analysis of The Road Through the Rainforest, Living Anthropology in Highland Papua New Guinea by David Hayano. 5
An Analysis of Two Cultures. 10
An Analysis of the Fall of the Roman Empire. 6
An Analysis of the Iqbal Family in "White Teeth". 5
An Annotated Bibliography on Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times. 10
An Ethnographic Analysis of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California 3
An Evaluation of a Statuette of Aphrodite. 3
Analyze the Growth of the Mongol Empire in the 13th Century. 4
Ancient Alexandria. 7
Ancient And Modern Greece. 3
Ancient Civilizations. 10
Ancient Egyptian Costume. 10
Ancient Egyptian Religion. 6
Ancient Greek Dress and Costume. 5
Ancient Mode Of Production. 5
Ancient Roman Slavery. 5
Ancient Writing: Cuneiform and Hieroglyphs. 4
Anthropology 10
Anthropology Questions 3
Anthropology and Its 4 Parts 2
Anthropology. 6
Anthropology: Analysis of Reading and Studies 5
Anthropology: Eric Michael "Hollywood Iconography: A Warlpiri Reading" and Terence Turner's "Representing, Resisting, Rethinking: Historical Transformations of Kayapo Culture and Consciousness". 7
Anthropology: Ethical and Moral Considerations. 4
Aphrodisiacs, Their Uses and Their History. 10
Archaeology Final 5
Archaeology Questions Chapter 10 1
Archaeology Quiz 5
Archaeology and Neanderthals. 9
Archaeology: History of the Classic Mayas. 10
Archarology Questions Chapter 9 1
Are Pidgin And Creole Languages Relics Of A Colonial Past Which Have No Role To Play In The Modern World Consider Especially What Social Factors Might Affect Their Disappearance Or Continued Use 13
Art, Religion, Funerary Practices in Old, Middle and Late Kingdom Egypt. 4
Art, Religion, and Death in Old, Middle and Late Kingdom Egypt. 5
Assessing the Agrarian Poor in Sub- Saharan Africa and Community Responses to Modern and Traditional Farming Methods After Environmental Damage Due to Modern Farming Techniques. 40
Athens and Sparta. 3
Athens in the Fifth Century. 8
Attachment Parenting and and Native American Traditions. 6
Augustus A Ruler of Rome 4
Australian and Maori Creation Myths. 6
Aztecs and Romans: A Comparison 4

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