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Title Pages
;American Political And Judicial System:; Review. 6
A Biography of Calvin Klein 3
A Book Review of Death of a Nation by Clifford Dowdey 4
A Book Review of Origins of the First World by James Joll 3
A Book Review of These American Lands by Dyan Zaslowsky and T.H. Watkins 5
A Brief History of the Cold War. 6
A Brief History of the U.S. Constitution. 7
A Brief Look at Changes in Coast Guard History 3
A Brief analysis of the Declaration of Independence. 3
A Briefing to the President of the United States to Stop Terrorism. 3
A Colonist's Plea to King George III 5
A Comparative Analysis Of Blacks And Italians In New York City At The Turn Of The Century (1900). 5
A Compare and Contrast Family Life in America and Ethiopia 3
A Compare and Contrast of Gun Control Issues in the American Media 3
A Compare and Contrast of the Economic Issues of the North and South During the Civil War. 3
A Comparison Between Three Forms of Centralized Government. 5
A Comparison and Contrast of the USA Patriot Act with 1984 by George Orwell 5
A Comparison of Perspectives: Judaism and Family Structure in the United States. 6
A Comparison of Roman and Greek Cultures in Relation to Modern America. 8
A Comparison of The American and Confederate Constitutions. 4
A Comparison of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. 4
A Comparison of the Fall of Rome and 1970's America. 3
A Comparison of the United States Federal Government versus the Michigan State Government. 8
A Comprehensive Study of the Thirty-First President Herbert Hoover. 15
A Consideration of Some of the Effects Government Subsidies Have on Pharmaceutical Companies 3
A Contrast and Comparison of Jewish Immigration in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America and Russia. 11
A Contrast and Comparison of the Movie ;Full Metal Jacket; by Stanley Kubrick and Ed Kugler's book ;Dead Center: A Marine Sniper's Two-Year Odyssey in the Vietnam War;. 10
A Critical Analysis of Truman's Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb. 14
A Critical Review of Bruce Collins' Book ;The Origins of America's Civil War;. 4
A Decade of Conformity. 2
A General Overview of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 4
A Generic Critical Response to "Inaugurating the Presidency" by Karlyn Korhs Cambell and Kathleen Jamieson. 5
A Generic Critical Response to "Inaugurating the Presidency" by Karlyn Korhs Campbell and Kathleen Jamieson. 5
A Health Care Article Critique in Cultural Diversity in Hospice Care in America 3
A Historical Analysis of Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieus Influence on the Constitution of the United States of America 10
A Historical Analysis of the Movie: Full Metal Jacket. 2
A History and Examination of the Mullan Military Road. 5
A Leadership Analysis of The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh 3
A Legal Analysis: An Argument for Juries to Remain Within the American Legal System 5
A Letter to Governor Rick Perry 3
A Lost Lady by Willa Cather. 3
A Media Analysis: A History and Examination of Reality TV 10
A Modern Appearance of the Amish Rumspringa 3
A Narrative of the Vietnam War 4
A Narrative of the Vietnam War. 4
A New Nation. 4
A Poetical Analysis of Individualism in The Road Not Taken and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost 3
A Political Analysis of the Life of Aaron Burr 6
A Review of Northrup's Untold History. 5
A Shopkeeper's Millennium. 3
A Social and Economic Analysis of Post World War II Japan 8
A Sociological Analysis of African American and Chicano Protest in American History: 1960 and 1980 7
A Study of Black and White Women in Pre-Revolutionary New England Colonies. 5
A Summary of Chapter Five in The Shaping of Black America by Lerone Bennet Jr. 3
A Summary of Charters of 1663, 1665 and Carolina's Fundamental Constitutions drafted in 1669 by John Locke 5
A Summary of Dark Sweat, White Gold: California Farm Workers, Cotton and the New Deal by Derva Weber. 5
A Supreme Court Law Review of Anti-War Protest in American History 3
A Thesis Dissertation on Problems and Solutions in the Governance of Immigration and Naturalization Services in the United States 25
Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt - A comparison of two presidents in national crises. 5
Abraham Lincoln on Leadership. 6
Abraham Lincoln: An Analysis. 3
Addressing the Battle of Antietam from Its Impact on Military Strategy. 6
Advantages and Disadvantages of International Arbitration Process. 3
Afghani Prisoners are Prisoners of War, not Common Criminals. 5
African American Women During the Civil War Era. 6
African- American Involvement In The American Civil War. 7
Agriculture in the Prehistoric American Southwest 3
Alabama & Virginia: Demographic and Budgetary Analysis 6
Alabama State Constitution of 1901:;Review. 10
Albany: The Birth Of An American Economy. 10
Alberto Giacometti And ;Invisible Object;. 4
Alexander Hamilton Monument. 5
America 1820-1860: An Era Of Progress 4
America After the Revolutionary War. 12
America Tested 1865-1998. 5
America in Vietnam: An Analysis of Intervention and Escalation. 6
America's Battleship USS New Jersey. 6
America's Melting Pot. 3
America's Presidents: Life After the White House. 10
America's Vote. 12
America: Congress and Foreign Policy. 5
America: The Frontier Nation of the 1830's. 6
American Constituion 3
American Culture and Islamic Culture: Comparisons. 5
American Culture, ;Watergate; and the de-throning of government: The Creation of Political Apathy. 12
American Development since World War II. 4
American Domestic History: 1963-1992 AND American Foreign Policy Since 1960. 4
American Foreign Policy 5
American Government and History. 11
American Government. 5
American Imperialism in the Twentieth Century. 5
American Jews. 5
American Literature And Immigrant Natives. 10
American National Government. 3
American Political Ideology: An Analysis 3
American Politics. 4
American Presidents. 10
American Propaganda of The First World War. 7.5
American Revolution and Intergroup Conflict Theory. 16
American Society, Marijuana and Public Policy. 11
American Society: Parameters Marking Its Growth. 7
American Tragedy : A Fallen Dream. 3
American's Role in Maintaining Peace for All. 3
Americans and the New Market Economy of the Jacksonian Era. 6
Americans with Disabilities Act. 2
Americas New Foreign Policy Providing Order to a Fractious World 6
An Alternate History and Nixon. 3
An Analysis Of The 2001 Race For Governor In New Jersey. 7
An Analysis of A Lost Lady by Willa Cather. 3
An Analysis of Affirmative Action in America. 4
An Analysis of Amazing Civil War by Web Garrison. 3
An Analysis of American Sphinx: The character of Thomas Jefferson by Joseph J. Ellis. 3
An Analysis of Arguments from The Weimar Republic By Detlev Puekert 3
An Analysis of Australia's "Bush Myth". 7
An Analysis of Capitalism and a New Social Order: The Republican Vision of the 1790s, by Joyce Appleby. 3
An Analysis of Detection Success and Nuclear Weapons 4
An Analysis of Disloyalty in the Confederacy by Georgia Lee Tatum. 3
An Analysis of Influence: Political Parties And Congress. 3
An Analysis of Keynesian Theories and Government Spending 5
An Analysis of Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes 3
An Analysis of Legislative Constituencies. 3
An Analysis of Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan. 3
An Analysis of Loyalty in the Japanese Internment Policy in World War Two America. 7
An Analysis of Republican and Democratic Values in the Great Depression and World War II 4
An Analysis of Restricted Immigration Policy in the United States 6
An Analysis of Sectional Differences Between 1800 and 1860. 4
An Analysis of State and Local Control of Education 3
An Analysis of The Red Cavalry Stories by Isaac Babel. 4
An Analysis of Three Black American Generals of the United States. 5
An Analysis of the Abolitionist Movement and the Transcendalists in the Work and Life of Henry David Thoreau 11
An Analysis of the Advisory of Bernard M. Baruch in World War II 4
An Analysis of the American Revolution. 6
An Analysis of the Battle of Chancellorsville. 5
An Analysis of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. 2
An Analysis of the Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998. 11
An Analysis of the Concord Minuteman in American History. 3
An Analysis of the Conquered Province Theory in US History. 3
An Analysis of the Constitution of the United States. 4
An Analysis of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. 7
An Analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 8
An Analysis of the Effects of the Atom Bomb. 5
An Analysis of the Federalist Papers. 5
An Analysis of the Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 8
An Analysis of the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968. 2
An Analysis of the Modern Coal Miner 5
An Analysis of the New Deal in American History. 5
An Analysis of the Origins of Early America. 10
An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of United States Immigration Policy With Mexico. 9
An Analysis of the Revolt and Independence of Texas from 1836-1845. 4
An Analysis of the Separation of Church and State in the United States. 9
An Analysis of the Slavery Reparation Debate in the United States. 6
An Analysis of the Strategic Defense Initiative. 13
An Analysis of the Trail of Tears in American History. 5
An Analysis on Unemployment, Inflation, GDP, and the Markets. 4
An Argument For Federal Government In The Early United States. 6
An Argument For Governor Patton to Step Down as Governor of Kentucky. 6
An Argument for Racial Tension in American Immigration Policy. 7
An Argument for Strong Propaganda for American Entry into World War I. 2
An Entrepreneurial Case Study of the Transcontinental Railroad 8
An Essay on Air Craft Carriers in World War Two. 6
An Experienced-Based Critique of James Madison's Federalist Paper Number 10. 5
An Historiography of American Expansion to the West. 13
An Overview of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 4
Analysis of The Creation of Theory: A Recent Application of the Grounded Theory Method by Naresh Pandit. 3
Analysis of early American Government. 5
Analysis of the Primary Election in the United States. 8
Ancient Greek Political Government 8
Andrew Jackson - A Political analysis. 5
Andrew Jackson Vs. Henry Clay: Democracy and Development in America. 7
Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay: Democracy and Development in Antebellum America. 7
Another Side Of American Revolutionaries. 8
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization and Ethics Involved 6
Anti Vietnam War Movement ~ Students for Democratic Society. 12
Anti-Federalists. 3
Arab Americans ~ The Stereotypes Run Deep. 2
Arabs in America. 10
Argument fallacies in criminal intelligence analysis vs. military intelligence analysis. 4
Army's Policy And Women. 8
Articles Could NOT Have Sustained Us If Needed. 8
Articles Of Confederation Were More Like The Declaration Or The Constitution. 4
Asian Immigrants Living in America. 5
Assessing Bureaucratic Politics in the Bush Administration in Respect to Resource Harvesting. 5
Assessing Bureaucratic Politics in the Bush RespAdministration. 5
Atom Bomb Decision. 5
Auschwitz and After 12
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 3
Automobiles: A Personal and Cultural Perspective. 4

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